SECO Awards

SECO Awards

The Southern Council of Optometrists presents three prestigious awards each year recognizing significant contributions to the profession of optometry.
Optometrist of the South
The Optometrist of the South award is presented annually to an optometrist demonstrating a significant contribution to the optometric profession. The recipient must be a member of the Southern Council in the year in which the award is presented. 

Paraoptometric of the South
The Paraoptometric of the South award is given yearly to a non-optometrist who has demonstrated a significant contribution to the optometric profession. Traditionally, this award has been presented to individuals who reside in one of the 12 states comprising the Southern Council of Optometrists.

Young Optometrist of the South
The Young Optometrist of the South is awarded to an optometrist who has demonstrated significant contributions to the optometric profession and graduated from an accredited school or college of optometry within ten years of the request for nominations. For purposes of this award, a year will be defined as a calendar year beginning January 1 and ending on December 31.


Nominations for these awards are open until November 30.
All nominations should include:

A letter containing the nominee’s name, the name of the award for which the nominee is being submitted, the city and state of the nominee’s practice, and the reasons why the nominee should receive the award.
A copy of the nominee’s biography or curriculum vitae (CV). 

Please mail them to:
Awards & Resolutions Committee
SECO International, LLC
4661 North Shallowford Road
Atlanta, GA  30338.

Incomplete nominations will not be considered by the Awards & Resolutions Committee. Questions can be directed to: Bonny Fripp at [email protected]